Just Yesterday

Alicia 250px 72dpiToday is the first day of school here in Calgary. BabyGirl is in grade 11. She’s already talking about her grad next year – what her dress will be like (on a budget, of course) and how she’ll do her hair. It does no good to try to pull her back to the here and now – to the homework that will have to be done and the courses that need to be completed – her head’s just not in the present. The next two years will seem to her to take forever. I know differently! *sigh*

And we all know what happens next in the modern time line of commercialism. Christmas pops up in the stores as soon as the displays of binders and pencil crayons and markers are put away. I was surprised to see Hallowe’en costumes in Costco last week – a full three-month lead-up for a one-day event. At least with Christmas we have a ‘season.’

Time flies so quickly. Day into day, week into week, month into month, and year into year. It was just yesterday we went to the hospital, in labour with baby #7, not knowing the gender in advance. It was with delight that Married Daughter, then only 6 years old, was gotten out of bed to talk to Daddy on the phone. “Brianna, this is Daddy. You have a baby sister!” And her response was “I knew it, Daddy! I knew it!” With Married Daughter now, well, married, and baby #7, BabyGirl, heading into grade 11, we have proof once more that time flies on wings of lightning!

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