Are you comfortable?

I rarely am. Don’t get me wrong. My body feels great. I have more energy and vibrancy now than I did when I was 30, but I always strive to be uncomfortable.

comfortableComfort is the absolute enemy of progress and growth. If I am comfortable, I am just bobbing along, letting life happen to me instead of me doing my utmost to influence my life.  

Comfort is a choice. And for some people it may be what they want.  I choose discomfort. I prefer to be constantly moving, striving, achieving, accomplishing. I’m happy with my life but know I am capable of so much more – and I want it all.

I’ve mentioned an elderly woman before, who at the age of 78 has just started her bachelor’s degree. While she misses her husband desperately since he passed away over a year ago, she maintains that she has too many things she wants to get done to die anytime soon. I recently visited her in Nevada.  She showed me her craft room. She has it all planned out to make a Christmas ornament for each year until 2030 for each of her nearly 30 grandchildren. She has materials organized, charts slowing what is completed, and hundreds of ornaments yet to make while she does her university studies. I can tell you she is happy and she is not comfortable. She is truly inspirational.

I’m curious … how comfortable or uncomfortable are you? What do you do to break out of your comfort zone? What have you achieved because of striving to stay uncomfortable?

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