What should you expect in an appointment with me?

What should you expect when you come for appointments with me, Judith Cobb? Each appointment is handled on and individual basis. Your needs are paramount. We may not accomplish what I want to in the appointment, and that is not important as long as we meet your needs.

My office is in my home. After greeting you and inviting you in to the office, we’ll take a minute to chat and create a relaxed mood. You’ll be asked to fill in a short waiver/release form with name, address, phone number – basic contact info.

The next step is your story. What are your health concerns?  What is the background of those concerns? Through this I will also ask questions and ask for clarification, doing my best to make sure I understand where you are coming from. Other important information includes what is your lifestyle like, what supplements are you using now, and what medications are you using?

The first appointment can be pretty full, and sometimes the hour goes by way too fast. I try to get to asking about your food and nutrition patterns, stress levels, activity levels and preferences, as well as taking photographs of your eyes to do an iridology assessment with.

I will usually give one to three bits of food homework, and start an herbal/supplement program with you.  We shape and refine your supplement program each time we meet, if warranted.

Long distance appointments can easily be done by phone or by skype.

Contact Judith to book your appointment.