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The information in this website is not meant to diagnose or prescribe. It is meant as information only. For any health concerns you have, please consult with the trained health practitioner of your choice.

Private Consultations
The vast majority of Judith Cobb’s work is one-on-one health consultations. If you have a health concern, or if you want to practice preventive measures, you may book appointments with Judith. Her expertise lies in listening, sometimes to what clients don’t say,  observing, and questioning to draw out the important bits and pieces of information that are needed to create wellness programs. The most common comments Judith hears at the end of appointments are “I feel better just for coming here” and “it feels good to know I’ve been heard’. Judith Cobb encourages clients to write down their questions and concerns prior to appointments and to bring all of their supplements and medications to the first appointment, sometimes this has been laundry baskets full.Long-distance appointments can easily be done by phone or by skype.

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What Should You Expect?
What should you expect when you come for appointments with me, Judith Cobb? Each appointment is handled on and individual basis. Your needs are paramount. We may not accomplish what I want to in the appointment, and that is not important as long as we meet your needs.

My office is in my home. After greeting you and inviting you in to the office, we’ll take a minute to chat and create a relaxed mood. You’ll be asked to fill in a short waiver/release form with name, address, phone number – basic contact info.

The next step is ‘your story’. What are your health concerns?  What is the background of those concerns? Through this I will also ask questions and ask for clarification, doing my best to make sure I understand where you are coming from. Other important information includes what is your lifestyle like, what supplements are you using now, and what medications are you using?

The first appointment can be pretty full, and sometimes the hour goes by way too fast. I try to get to asking about your food and nutrition patterns, stress levels, activity levels and preferences, as well as taking photographs of your eyes to do an iridology assessment with.

I will usually give one to three bits of food homework, and start an herbal/supplement program with you.  We shape and refine your supplement program each time we meet, if warranted.

Long distance appointments can easily be done by phone or by skype.

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Iridology is the study of the iris (colored part) of the eye. Originating in the 1800’s with a map of the iris developed by Dr. Ignatz Von Peczley, it is now widely practiced by medical doctors in Germany, Italy, and Russia. As research continues iridology is becoming a more and more powerful assessment tool.

The European style of iridology reveals genetic constitution. By looking at your irises and understanding the meaning of colors, fiber patterns, and other markings we begin to understand where your inherited physical and emotional strengths and weaknesses are.

Knowing your strengths means we can use natural means to protect them, and knowing your weaknesses means we can take steps with food, supplements, lifestyle, stress management, and more, to support, enhance, and protect the weak. You certainly may be able to avoid some of the health problems of your parents and grandparents when you understand how your body is programmed and what you can do to improve the programming.

I take photographs of your eyes, often in the first appointment, and we ‘read’ them together, usually in your second appointment.

If you don’t live near me, and if you do have a good-quality digital camera that can take extreme close-ups of your irises, we can probably do an iris assessment with you. You would simply take at least 2 photos of each eye with the eye WIDE open, email them to me, and I would set up a webinar for your next appointment. For the webinar you will log on using the webinar link I will send you, then you can see your photos online, we can talk about what I see in your photos, and you can see my pointer pointing out various things while we talk about them. Afterwards, you will receive a scanned copy of the iris assessments notes by email. There is no additional charge for any of this – it is simply billed as a standard second appointment of one-hour duration. I do require the first in-take appointment to be completed before we can do the iris assessment appointment.

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People the world over have used plants in their healing traditions since the beginning of time. Animals in the wild are also known to use plants to cure themselves of specific health problems.

High quality herbs, when wisely chosen, supply nutrients and energy to re-balance body energy and functions. The body is self-healing, given the right building blocks, and often times, herbs can provide those ‘right building blocks’.

The Chinese have the longest recorded history of using herbs. In spite of that, I focus most of my work on North American herbs.

My main supplier is Nature’s Sunshine Products. Most of their herbs are encapsulated (works well for those of us who don’t enjoy the taste of many of the herbs) and are available in 47 countries worldwide. So, even if you don’t live in North America, we can still do phone consultations, I will do the research to verify which products are available in your country, then I’ll set you up to be able to access what you need from the nearest Nature’s Sunshine Products warehouse.

Nature’s Sunshine Products maintains pharmaceutical standards, even though it’s not legally required, and GMP (good manufacturing procedures). Their purity and my expertise make a great health coaching package for you! Long-distance appointments can easily be done by phone or by skype.

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Ionic Footbath (IonCleanse)

Imagine an alternative for good health that doesn’t require drugs, or pain? Imagine a treatment that uses natural energy and water to increase Chi (healing energy) in the body without painful side effects?

The IonCleanse Ionic Footbaths are the latest in personal care technologies developed by scientists and researchers as an experimental therapeutic aid for increased vitality and well being.

Sometimes we don’t recover from ailments and injuries because our bodies just don’t have enough energy to heal themselves. This is an unfortunate result of the society and world in which we live. Environmental stresses like toxins, chemicals, radiation, pollution, synthetics, food processing and preservatives are surrounding and enveloping us creating chronic toxemia, no matter how many supplements we take or good foods we eat.

The human body is an electrical unit unto itself. It contains a lot of water, too. When the vitality is sagging, when chronic degenerative health problems are being experienced, when there are problems healing, the electrical output is sagging, too. So, how can you fix it? By stimulating the electrical current (often called chi or prana). This can be done with ionic footbath cleansing.

The IonCleanse Ionic Footbath unit has two parts. One part, the ornament, sits in a basin of water into which the feet, hands, or body are placed. The ornament is attached to an electrical unit. Yes, the water is being electrified with a very small current, so small most people can’t feel it, but still measurable. This very mild electrical stimulation can stimulate the body to begin healing.

This is an in-office service that cannot be done by long-distance. Reduced rates apply when an IonCleanse Ionic Footbath is done during a regular herbal/nutritional consultation.

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Vita-Flex, Color Therapy
Vitality through the reflexes – that’s what Vita-Flex means.

Stanley Burroughs is the modern-day father of vita-flex, a pressure point massage that is applied to the hands, feet, back, head, and face. It bears some resemblance to reflexology; the motion used to stimulate the reflex points is a ‘rolling over the finger tip’ type of motion.

This type of stimulation is known to release crystals (often described as a gravelly sensation) at the ends of the nerves. The energy from the stimulation travels up the nerve pathway to the attached organ, feeding in healing energy.

I have used vita-flex to relieve problems such as headaches, digestive problems, constipation, pain, and to facilitate easier childbirth.

Stanley Burroughs had a strong belief in combining the energy-healing benefits of Vita-Flex and Color Therapy, hence, they are often used together.

Here’s what we know about color. Each color has it’s own wavelength or energy pattern. We absorb light energy. (I often tease that we are really 1/2 plant.) Different wavelengths of light have effects on different organs. This is the same reason medications work on different organs. The energy created by the chemistry of the drug affects organs with a specific energy wavelength. So it is with all things energetic, be they herbs, vitamins, minerals, foods, or thoughts. When the correct color of light is shone on the area of the body that is in need of a boost, the energy is absorbed and aids in healing.

This is an in-office service that cannot be done by long-distance.

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Zyto Compass Scan
Zyto Compass is a bio-energy scanner that provides stimuli and gathers information about body energy to assess what the body needs right now. In a scan the client’s hand rests on a sensor that looks like a large computer mouse. The sensor sends impulses to the persons’ body and reads the electrical and chemical responses from 76 biochemical markers, analyzes them and then compares the data to supplement energy scans of nutritional supplements stored in its database to select the supplements that most closely match the requirements of the body.

The result is a graphic showing how many of the 76 markers are ‘out of zone’ meaning they need support based on the individual’s own energies, and a list of supplements (usually 3 – 5 supplements) that would be the most beneficial. This technology is also used in medicine and has been shown to be 93% accurate in its findings. It takes only 6 – 8 minutes to complete a scan.

It is painless, done with all clothes on, can be done on people with implanted electronic devices and transplanted organs as well as children.

How accurate it is? When I scan myself, knowing how I am feeling that day and what supplements I think I need, the Compass comes out with very similar recommendations!

Muscle Testing (Nutritional Kinesiology, bio-Kinesiology)
Our bodies are highly electrical things.  The electricity we generate in every cell must circulate in very specific pathways.  Lack of nutrient, elevated stress, physical illness, and an abused body can all impair the electrical circulation.

Muscle testing is a simple, non-invasive way of measuring the electrical current.  We can test it in the body as a whole, in organs, and as it relates to nutrient and stress levels by assessing muscle resistance to pressure applied. Piecing together the strong and weak results gives us a picture of what needs support, why it needs support, and how to support it best.

This in an in-office service that cannot be done by long-distance.

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