Judith is an angel

Just want to use this opportunity to thanks Judith for helping me with my health since the last 2 years. If it was not of Judith, I have no clue where I would end up to be 2 years ago, just prefer not to think about it. You supported me on a daily basis for a 6 months period in my worse. I appreciate all the dedicated effort and time you took for me. I knew you were there and that did count very much in nowadays fast life where nobody has any more time for themselves, never mind for others. The EFT technique still help me a lot, I use it more and more in my daily life. As well our phone appointment when I need a refresh or more of your good advises.

You are one of those angels in my life!

Thanks Judith
C Parent, Quebec

Judith’s note: C Parent does not live close to me. All of her appointments were done by phone and skype.